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Baltimore Eagle’s Dead..

Late on Wednesday July 25, we received several calls from patrons letting us know that our managers were announcing the surprise unsanctioned closure of The Baltimore Eagle. By the time we arrived, we found a caravan of cars parked in the alley, two of our managers, and their associates scurrying to and from their cars with arms full of liquor and merchandise. By the time we got inside the building, much of The Eagle’s equipment (some originally from The Hippo), leather goods placed on consignment by vendors in the leather community, and irreplaceable leather memorabilia of the Eagle, some dating back decades, had been stolen.

We soon discovered a very upsetting public statement by the two disgruntled members of our former management team, 4 Crazy Guys, LLC. The statement was crafted to take aim at the safety, privacy, and inclusivity that The Baltimore Eagle has come to be known for over nearly 30 years since its founding. Some things are best in done in the dark [wink], but others need to be exposed for the good of our community. With that in mind, we’d like to shine light on some of the false and disparaging statements made.

To our vendors: Steven Pevner of The Saint at Large in New York, Anne Byrne of Alternative Sites, The Dungeon Store, and Perfect Fit, Orrin Yesko of Anarchy for All, and many others who’s time, craftsmanship, and attention to the details of leather and fetish craft make their products so amazing, we thank you for your association with Eagle Leathers. Please know that we are working to retrieve the goods taken by our former managers and their associates.

So, as for that part of 4 Crazy Guys, LLC, we’ll let their actions speak for themselves. The fact that they left the community so abruptly and under such a cloud says more than we ever could. We prefer to remember our former managers for their great ideas, dedication, and passion that enabled the Eagle to spread its wings and flourish over the past year and a half; and for that, we thank them. The staff’s professionalism and ability to not only go above and beyond, but to tailor each and every patron’s experience was one of a kind. The Eagle’s success has been a direct reflection of their warm, welcoming, and accommodating personalities

..Undead. Undead. Undead.

Karma’s a funny thing, and sometimes it shows up when you least expect it. The day after the looting, it was with a heavy heart that we returned to The Eagle to pick up the pieces and take inventory for the police report, when we noticed a sign on the door. It read: THE EAGLE IS OPEN. Inside, we saw a flurry of people wearing cleaning gloves, mops and brooms in hand, cleaning up the broken glass, straightening pictures on the wall, and waving us to come inside.

A very special thank you to Vera Mosely, former Owner of Gallagher’s and Event Producer for the Hippo, Joshua Persing and Robert Gay of GAY Lounge, Chuck Bowers former Owner of the Hippo, Tom Kiple Founder of the Eagle, and all of the truly wonderful friends who showed up to volunteer their time to restore this very special place.

The Baltimore Eagle is more than a night spot, it was founded as part of a movement, it’s a living, changing piece of LGBT history, and we remain 100% committed to preserving that history by consistently bringing you an edgy, judgment-free place that’s gender inclusive and body positive - A place where you can “Be You”. But what makes The Eagle a Baltimore landmark isn’t the building, it’s our community. You are the best part of the Baltimore Eagle; so we want to thank the customers of the Baltimore Eagle who, since its inception, immediately embraced our modernized vision of a leather bar. Without your steadfast commitment The Baltimore Eagle would not have experienced the success and promise for growth that we’ve seen in such a short time.

As could be anticipated, The Baltimore Eagle is now working to regain its footing. We’re working diligently to reorganize and revamp in order to make sure that the LGBTQ+ and leather / fetish communities of the Mid-Atlantic continue to have a place of refuge here in Charm City. We’re making promises for more. More fun, more magic, more life, more excitement, more accessibility. We ask that the community stay tuned to our website for updates and further information regarding our official reopening, hours of operation, events, and exciting new changes. Again, we thank our faithful community for your love and support and apologize if we have let you down.

The Baltimore Eagle