Bootblacks hold a special place in the Leather Community and also at the Baltimore Eagle. These are the men and women who spend countless hours perfecting their craft, lug heavy cases and stands from event to event and make our boots and leathers look their best. For some, the satisfaction lies in providing a service. For others it is their fetish and for many their motivations are more complex.

Baltimore Eagle is proud to make space for our community bootblacks from the Mid-Atlantic Region and beyond to provide their services to their brothers and sisters in the leather community.

Generally, you can expect to find a bootblack on duty in the Code Bar Friday from 8 Pm to Midnight, Saturday 9 PM to 1 AM and almost always during special events.

If you are a bootblack and would like to be scheduled, please email

If you are having an event or bar night at the Baltimore Eagle and your would like to have you preferred or favorite bootblack scheduled, please contact our bootblack coordinators at

Meet our Bootblack Coordinators

boy ed

boy ed is the 2014 International Community Bootblack and the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Community Bootblack from Philadelphia, PA. Bootblack boy ed’s leather journey started more than a decade ago. Shortly after meeting his brothers at his local leather club, The Knight Hawks of Virginia. He attended his firs Mid-Atlantic Leather weekend in Washington DC and he knew he found his community.

Bootblack boy ed’s bootblack experience started over 30 years ago while serving his country in the United States Marine Corps. He would work on boots in his free time and fantasized about the men that wore them. Little did he know that he would get the opportunity to live the fantasy!

His interest and public experience began to take off after attending workshop’s on technical and erotic bootblacking from two people who would help mentor him along the way. He also serves his local and regional bootblack community with his  “Boots and Brunch” where bootblacks can meet, enjoy great food, celebrate community, and participate in skills exchange. Bootblack boy ed also enjoys sharing skills  with his community hosting workshops when ever and where ever he can.


Girl Amelia

Girl Amelia is the owned and collared girl of Sir Paris, receiving her collar on December 31, 2008. She is legal counsel to the Leather Heart Foundation, the Carter/Johnson Leather Library, the Baltimore Playhouse, and the Leatherboys of Maryland.  Amelia has worked as a bootblack at Charm City Fetish Fair; SouthEast Leather Fair; DC Gay Pride Festival; Master/slave Conference; Mr/Ms New Jersey Leather; Philadelphia Leather Pride Night; Santa Saturday; Have a Nasty Christmas; Command MC New Year’s Eve Bash; Winter Solstice; Brimstone II; Chesapeake Leather and Pride; Bears, Bikers & Mayhem 2013; and Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend. Amelia is the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Community Bootblack and the First Runner-up for International Community Bootblack 2013.
Amelia has been a practicing attorney for more than 20 years and has presented classes at the 2010 -2012 and 2014-2016 MsC (Wills and Advanced Medical Directives); Femme Boot Pride Weekend 2010 (Being a bootblack and the M/s dynamic); Winter Solstice 2010 (Bootblacking 101); Femme Con 2012 (Bootblacking 101); Philadelphia Leather Leadership Conference 2014 and 2015 (Why Bootblacks are Needed at Leather Events and How to Care for Them; Accessibility at Events). She has also taught at Black Rose and various MAsT meetings in Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.


Meet Some of Our Regular Bootblacks


I started bootblacking in public in 2008, after taking a class in 2006.  I was Mid-Atlantic Community Bootblack 2008. I competed at International Community Bootblack 2008 and received the Attendees Choice Award. I returned home from that event with a feeling of confidence I never knew before.  I have worked as bootblack at MAL, as well as other Leather events. I look forward to serving the community as a bootblack at the Baltimore Eagle.


Boy Anderson

Boy Andersen is a gender-dyslexic, horse-loving, bootblacking workaholic. He became a community bootblack in the leather bars and leather contests of Los Angeles in 2004-2006, under the guidance of Spitshine Boi Eddie, IMsBB 2003. Returning to the East Coast, and landing in the Mid-Atlantic region, she became the MACBB 2010 while bootblacking leather bars and leather/kink clubs in Baltimore and D.C. During and since her title year, he also expanded her service to leather and kink events in the Baltimore-DC area and the New York- New Jersey area.  He has bootblacked several Mr. DC Eagle title holders, several Mr. Baltimore Eagle title holders, and several other regional title holders. Even though she may have been around the block a few times, and helped several years of local bootblacks, he continues to learn from every challenge that comes to his chair.


Boy Grayson

Boy Grayson has been officially bootblacking since the 2014 Mr. Twin Cities Leather Weekend. Since then he has bootblacked at the events in the Midwest, East Coast, and various European countries. He keeps three cans of Huberds- one each for hair, lube, and boots! When not bootblacking he enjoys rugby, D&D, cigars and his cats.


Boy John Urso

boy john is originally from Pittsburgh, PA, where he began exploring leather and BDSM in his early 20’s. Shortly after, he moved to Indianapolis, IN, where he lived for 14 years and in 2010 moved to Baltimore to be with his SIR and leather family. boy john earned SIR John Krikorian’s permanent collar in 2011. Coming from a military background, boy john appreciates and embraces the strict protocols of “Old Guard” style Leather, good manners, proper etiquette and constantly strives to lead by example and mentor other leatherboys and Bootblacks. That said, he is also very proud of his mischievous and playful nature, which wreaks havoc among Sirs and his fellow leatherboys. boy john started his journey in Bootblacking as a service to his SIR, but quickly found a niche in the community, having been asked to Bootblack at events such as Mr./Ms. New Jersey Leather, Bears Bikers and Mayhem, and has been a regular guest Bootblack at the DC Eagle. When CLAW 15 needed a last minute Bootblack, he was quick to fill in winning the Golden Brush Award. In addition, he has assisted with several skills demos, including Fisting 101 at CLAW and Bootblack 101 at the 2015 Sirs and boys Retreat.  boy john gives back to his community through mentoring, fund raising and participating in leather events both local and national. he is Mid-Atlantic Leatherboy 2012, Beta of the Leatherboys of Maryland, an associate member of COMMAND MC and the NJ boys of Leather, “Mamas True Leatherboy” and is honored to be the current Atlantic States Leather Community Bootblack.